Tokyo Disneyland!

On Friday, everyone in the Japanese Language program at Bunka went to Tokyo Disneyland! The ticket was paid for by the school (thank you Bunka! I couldn’t have afforded it otherwise! haha). They gave us instructions on how to go there and we had to bring our own money for lunch and souvenirs.

The day started out with horrible weather, it was raining early on when we went out of the kaikan, and I absolutely hate the rain because it’s so bothersome avoiding getting drenched. When we arrived, it was still raining, but hey, we’re in Disneyland, and I decided that bad weather or not, I’ll still do my best to make the most out of it! Who knows when my next chance will be to go here? 😉

Umbrellas and the Disneyland castle

Umbrellas and the Disneyland castle

Our senseis met with us at the gate of Disneyland and handed us our tickets. It’s a good thing that we can get fast passes from the tickets from Bunka because it really saves time. Although you still have to line up for some of them, it’s much faster and takes shorter time than if you don’t have the fast passes.

Even Minnie was wearing a raincoat haha

Even Minnie was wearing a raincoat haha

We saw an Easter-themed parade of Disney characters, which was really cute. We also got to go on this thing called Star Tours. You get to see Star Wars-themed stuff, and try a motion simulator ride. I’m not a fan of Star Wars, but it was really fun. It felt like you were in a spaceship, it was in 3D and your seat makes you feel like you’re moving or falling. Most of the Tokyo Disneyland rides were in Japanese, so it was amusing hearing the Japanese versions of the Star Wars characters 😀



After that, we had lunch. The food was a bit overpriced, but well, that’s really how it is in amusement parks. The food was good though, I got a Mickey-shaped burger and fries, and strawberry mousse with a souvenir mug. 😀


For the rest of the day, we went on several more rides, which were all pretty fun, and we got to enjoy how pretty Disneyland looked. 🙂

We went on this rollercoaster, but I forgot what it was called haha

We went on this rollercoaster, but I forgot what it was called haha





I don’t have that many good photos of Disneyland in the day because it was hard to take photos in the rain, so instead, here are some group photos of us!






Group photos by my friends Cho, Kath, Alisi and Yeka 😀

Towards the afternoon, it stopped raining already, which was great because we could enjoy Disneyland more. But the night was the part of the day that I’d say was the most memorable for me. First, because we got to see this spectacular parade of lights with many Disney characters. I grew up with Disney movies as a child, and seeing this beautiful parade with the characters in them made me really happy 😀

The entire parade was around thirty minutes, and it was just really great getting to see it 😀


Prince Charming indeed ;)

Prince Charming indeed 😉




After the lights parade, we went to ride one of the most popular rides in Disneyland: Space Mountain! I didn’t know what to expect, but I always hear about this from other people who have been to Disneyland. It was awesome! You’re in the dark for most of the ride, so you can’t tell what’s coming next, you’d be thrown for loops and spins unexpectedly, so me and everybody else there were definitely screaming! 😛

After that, we rushed out because it was around 8:25pm then, and the fireworks display was for 8:30pm, so we ran out so we can still catch it! I was tired from running, but it was worth it because we got to see the fireworks!

The fireworks were beautiful 😀

But our Disneyland day wasn’t done just yet, just as we were heading out, we heard an announcement about a display that was about to start in Cinderella’s castle, so we decided to stay and watch it.

We were a little far from the castle because there were already many people there, but it was fantastic! They projected lights and lasers to the castle and they showed the stories of some of the famous Disney movies. There was even an occassional fire that would shoot up from one of the castle towers! It was really amazing.

Although I wasn’t able to take a video of the good parts of the display, hopefully from this you’ll get an idea of what I’m talking about:

We headed back to the kaikan soon after that, and although my feet and legs were aching and really tired, I felt really happy because it really was such a wonderful day. It really felt like there was that little bit of Disney magic that worked its charm on me 😉

That little bit of Disney magic 😀


2 thoughts on “Tokyo Disneyland!

  1. Hi! I’m soooooo glad I found your blog! I’m going to apply for the same scholarship next year so I hope I can visit Japan soon! Your post are so helpful since there isn’t much info about this specific scholarship, so I hope you can keep posting and putting out all the experience and information you learn! 😀 Disneyland looks so pretty by the way!! Your photos are really nice, I see why you chose Photography as your study field!

    Ps: would you mind answering some questions about the scholarship? your first post gave me lots of new info but I still haven’t figured out some stuff, I would really appreciate if you could answer! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the kind words! 🙂 Glad my post was helpful.

      No problem! You can ask anything you’d like about the scholarship. You can just comment your question and I’d answer it to the best that I can. If you’d like to message me the questions in private, just let me know. 🙂

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